Work at Travelxp

We are building the World’s Largest Media-Tech Company

Vision Statement:    
Travelxp was set up with the vision of creating one world with no boundaries. Therefore, the overarching aim of Travelxp remains to facilitate the removal of barriers to opportunities, exposure, learning, growth using travel as the all-encompassing, powerful medium.   
Here at Travelxp, we envision a world where travel is synonymous with exploration, cultural sensitivity, learning and the unity of the human race. Travel for us is the only medium to the end of human prosperity and growth.    

What working with us looks like..

Inter-team projects

We believe that every great product is a result of collaboration of multiple elements. Inter-team projects give a great opportunity to learn collaborate & execute them a scale.

Work with the best

When great minds come together, the synergy of knowledge always results into productivity! With a stringent hiring process, we ensure that you are working only with the creme-de-la-creme.

Youth leadership

As one of the world’s fastest growing media-tech brands, the constantly changing dynamics of the industry ensure that we always think on our toes and adapt quickly. We welcome ideas that are out-of-the box and infusion of youth talent plays a major role in getting the execution prompt and right!

Think you can change the way the world travels?