How do you explore a tourist hotspot like Mexico on a deeper level? Enter Charlie Rubio: a bona fide Mexican, who is here to reveal all the wonderful things that make Mexico his favorite place in the world, from its friendly people and its habanero-seasoned dishes to its idyllic beaches and historic towns.




Reanne has always dreamt of visiting India and she is about to have her wish fulfilled – but not in the way she imagined it. She meets Krisann, who introduces her to two things: her hometown – Maharashtra, and her undying love for Road Trips!!!! What does this holiday have in store for Reanne, for whom travel has always been synonymous with luxury 




Stretching from the frozen summits of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, India encompasses an incomparable range of landscapes, cultures and people. Our hosts go to different parts of the country, from mountain to coast and from desert to rainforest, experiencing different sights, cuisines and cultures along the way. 




An archipelago of 7,600 islands, surrounded by the emerald waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is a breath-taking feast for the eyes. From the sugar-white beaches of Boracay island to the stunning Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Elisha can’t help but fall in love with everything she sees in this serene destination.


10 DAYS 


Italian lovers in an Estonian winter are the recipe for an offbeat fairy tale. Marco and Erica lose themselves in the medieval wonderland of Tallinn, drive wild through the old industrial areas of Aidu, explore quirky attractions like the upside-down house in Tartu, and experience all the adventures that Estonia’s national parks offer such as kayaking and bog walking. Wooed by the country’s charms, the lovebirds have the time of their lives during their 10 days in Estonia. 




Despite the breathtaking beauty of its hills and valleys, its undiscovered beaches and vibrant food scene, Israel is the Mediterranean’s most underrated destination. Sabrina discovers the rich history of the country when she visits the Biblical sites in Nazareth and Jerusalem, and at the Roman ruins in Caesarea. She also finds herself wooed by its modern charms at the seaside retreat of Eilat.



Sometimes the best way to feel alive is to take a leap of faith into the unknown. Sabrina does just that, and it leads her to a country often overlooked by travelers. With not much idea of what to expect, she explores the place, from its charming towns to its sunny coastal retreats. Surprised by just how much this tiny nation has in store for her, she sees that visiting a destination with a blank slate can be a more freeing way of travel.

Timeless Tamil Nadu

Timeless Tamil Nadu

Despite having taken many trips to India, there is one destination that renowned traveler, Alex Outhwaite has always wanted to visit but never had the chance – Tamil Nadu. With her dream finally coming true, she finds herself in a land where architectural marvels meet natural wonders, the culture is as strong as a cup of filter coffee, and the people speak in a language she doesn’t understand. Is India’s southernmost state everything she has always imagined it to be?




Bali is the perfect place to combine travel and wellness, which is what Jamie Srubis does at the Maya Ubud Spa Resort. Here, she tries the Green Coffee Body Wrap, the River Escape Massage, and Flower Bath And Oil Massage – spa treatments that induce the same tranquility Bali does.

Burn Appetit

Burn Appetit

Embarking on a culinary odyssey fuelled by adrenaline, acclaimed UK-based Indian chef Surjan Singh, aka Chef Jolly, goes on a high-octane adventure through the picturesque landscapes of Austria. As he rides across Austria to the vineyard towns and Alpine hamlets, he uncovers the country’s hidden cultural and culinary riches.’

Mr. & Mrs. Roy On The Maharajas' Express

Mr. & Mrs. Roy On The Maharajas’ Express

Indian TV power couple, Rohit and Manasi Roy, trade in the red carpet for royal tracks, as they embark on an adventure aboard the opulent Maharajas’ Express. Regal pampering, gourmet dining experiences, a route that covers India’s heritage cities – it’s just what the lovebirds need. With two eccentric artists packed in a compartment for seven days, however, will this be a vacation to remember or tabloid fodder?

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