Travelxp HD

Travelxp HD was launched on 2nd February 2011 as India’s first and very own High Definition (HD) Channel. Today we are proud to have the largest HD library of travel content filmed in more than 4o countries and with over 500+ hours of premium programming, the channel has become the preferred choice of viewers.

With the grit to create deliver the best in the travel & lifestyle domain, the channel’s programs already set benchmarks of being the finest audio visual treat for viewers worldwide.

Filmed in English with International hosts, we have filmed all genres of the travel space ranging from culture to cuisine and from luxury hotels to exotic holidays. For the Indian audience, the channel is localized in Hindi & Bengali apart from the native English feed.

Apart from India, the channel is also available in neighbouring Sri Lanka and with Bengali feed in Bangladesh. Travelxp is also being distributed through popular networks in Middle-east, Canada and African countries.

With its skillful crew reaching to new destinations, there are newer programs being produced on regular basis, making the audience ask for more. So the only way to really have a sense of how the world is to see it yourself and with Travelxp, you will keep continuing the see more, xplore more.

Satellite Details

Satellite Intelsat 20 at 68.5° E
Downlink Frequency 4090 MHz
Polarization Horizontal
Symbol Rate 14368 KSPS
Compression MPEG4
Modulation Technique DVB S2
Modulation 8PSK
FEC 3/4
Video PID 101
Audio PID English 102
Audio PID Hindi 103
Audio PID Bengali 105