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Travelxp HD Europe

Travelxp HD Europe

Travelxp HD Europe was launched on 15th August 2016 expanding the reach of Travelxp HD’s premium travel and lifestyle programming in Europe. Starting with the CEE (Central Eastern Europe) Region of Europe, the Channel is currently 100% localised in Serbian & Croatian languages.

With its direct2home platform, Telekom Austria Group acts as technical contributor for the Travelxp’s Balkan CEE feeds over the Eutelsat 16A satellite.

In the Central and Castern European countries Travelxp HD is distributed in Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Poland and will further expand the footprint in other countries in Europe & EEA region, further contributing to its global presence.

As on date, Travelxp HD apart from being available in the English language, 100% content is localized in Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Czech & Slovenian languages.

In coming course of time Travelxp HD Europe will also be localised in the following languages:

  1. Dutch
  2. German
  3. Italian
  4. Polish
  5. Russian
  6. Romanian
  7. Macedonian
  8. Hungarian

Apart from localisation, Travelxp HD Europe will also feature localized programming for viewers to know more and explore more about their neighbourhood regions apart from getting a fantastic glimpse of the destinations, cultures, heritage and food from all over the world.

Satellite Details

Satellite Eutelsat 16A at 16.0° E
Downlink Frequency 11637 MHz
Polarization Horizontal
Symbol Rate 30000Ms
Compression MPEG4
Modulation Technique DVB S2
Modulation 8PSK
FEC 5/6
Video PID 1601
Audio PID English 1602
Audio PID Czech 1603
Serbian Subtitle PID 1621
Croatian Subtitle PID 1622
Bulgarian Subtitle PID 1623
Slovenian Subtitle PID 1624