Content Strategy

Color is a potent tool and travel is all about colors. From bright summer beaches to serene mountains & hills, all of these evoke a sense of color. This is exactly the approach we have adapted while applying the identity across the channel.

The channel shows have been divided into six different categories based on their genres. The six main genres have been given six different colors based on the concept of color psychology and its relevance. The idea is to use color as a stimulus, for the viewers to start associating genres with the colors.

Colors also add vibrancy & life to the overall brand experience, thereby bringing freshness whenever someone tunes into Travelxp.


Take a taxi, follow signboards, look at the sun, what’s common? Yellow! Everything related to yellow is bright! Isn’t the thought of traveling itself a bright idea? it plainly symbolizes energy, positivity and the citrus side of travel.



Green is fresh, it is healthy! Green also strike a chord with an avid traveler by reminding him about the kiwi fruit he once ate while exploring Chile, or the juicy grape he once tasted in Greece. It is also the ideal color that defines the color of food for foodie.



Red is considered supreme in many cultures; at times it even defines them. The turban of a ‘Rajasthani’ in India, the attire adopted by the Tibetan monks or even China town formed in the USA. In many cultures it is considered as the color of love and in Russia, it signifies beauty.



Blue stands for serenity. Travelers would definitely find that in the Pangong Lake on a road trip to Leh Ladakh or the Blue Lake in Australia during their visit. It inevitably reminds us of water which is a world below our feet and a never ending sky, both of which have a lot more left to be explored by travelers.



Ochre is the color of the soil we stand on and is the color of clay used to make earthenware. It defines history in the Neolithic paintings in the cave of Altamira in Spain. Egypt has a wide history with Ochre in the form of Pyramids. Ochre has been found to be present in the sands all over the Provence in France too. In other words Ochre is synonymous with heritage world over since ancient times.



Purple is the color of royalty. In Japan, it signifies wealth and position; the Arab countries consider it as a color which tells the future. In Europe and America, purple is the color most associated with vanity, extravagance, and individualism. It is a color which is designed to attract attention. It is clearly evident how the color purple influences lifestyle in the world and hence is the most appropriate choice that helps define it.