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About Us
You never realize how far you have reached until you go back to where it all started. Then places become a kind of a two-way mirror, taking you back to the origins while simultaneously propelling you into newer galaxies. That is the core of a traveler. An ability to burn timelines for each time you have visited a place, you carry back with you bits of the past as you have brought the future to it.

And this is the aim of travelxp HD, India's first High Definition (HD) travel channel and the biggest India-centric HD library of travel content across the world. travelxp HD is a venture of Celebrities Management Private Limited, India.

With 300 hours and exponentially increasing travel footage, we aim to capture the travel market with 1200 hours of prime HD footage by 2015. And we have just begun. In production since 2008 we launched travelxp HD on February, 2011, and have already set benchmarks in the travel and lifestyle segment by providing consistently good and varied shows.

Our shows like Xplore Hong Kong, Xp Guide and Great World Hotels have topped the charts of Television Audience Measurement (TAM) ratings that is a weekly report card for television channels across India. With shows like Xp Guide, Xplore, Great World Hotels, Great Indian Hotels, Bada Weekend, Foodicted, Strictly Street, Scrapbook, Divine Destinations and many more.

We target a cross-section of television audiences globally. We get the tales from the natives; the secret hideaways explored by few and travel the world with the eyes of a wanderer that just can't get enough of this vast land's mysteries and beauty. They say the world in not enough. We agree. The more we explore, the more you see.

So get ready to indulge in the HD world of travelxp HD and "See More. Xplore More." as we take a plunge into travelers world wherein for the first time, the world travelers will look at the globe through the eyes of India.

About Celebrities Management Private Limited

Celebrities Management Private Limited is a Privately held company in India, with various interest in the booming Indian Media Sector. With interests in broadcast, advertising, media consulting and other related services, the company through its various associated companies operates 5 satellite channels across the Globe.
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